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More about this anthology

  • Carolyn Black, “Serial Love” (Exile: The Literary Quarterly)
  • Andrew Boden, “Confluence of Spoors”
    (Vancouver Review)
  • Laura Boudreau, “The Dead Dad Game”
    (PRISM international)
  • (Winner) Devon Code, “Uncle Oscar” (The Malahat Review)
  • Danielle Egan, “Publicity” (Vancouver Review)
  • Krista Foss, “The Longitude of Okay”
    (Grain Magazine)
  • Lynne Kutsukake, “Mating” (The Dalhousie Review)
  • Ben Lof, “When in the Field with Her at His Back”
    (The Malahat Review)
  • Andrew MacDonald, “Eat Fist!” (Event)
  • Eliza Robertson, “Ship’s Log” (The Malahat Review)
  • Mike Spry, “Five Pounds Short and Apologies to Nelson Algren” (This Magazine)
  • Damian Tarnopolsky, “Laud We the Gods”
    (subTerrain Magazine)

More about this anthology.

  • Daniel Griffin, "The Last Great Works of Alvin Cale" (The Dalhousie Review)
  • Jesus Hardwell, "Easy Living" (Exile)
  • Paul Headrick, "Highlife" (Event)
  • Sarah Keevil, "Pyro" (Event)
  • Adrian Michael Kelly, "Lure" (Prairie Fire)
  • Fran Kimmel, "Picturing God's Ocean" (Grain Magazine)
  • Lynne Kutsukake, "Away" (Grain Magazine)
  • Alexander MacLeod, "Miracle Mile" (The New Quarterly)
  • Dave Margoshes, "The Wisdom of Solomon" (The Dalhousie Review)
  • Shawn Syms, "On the Line" (PRISM international)
  • Sarah L. Taggart, "Deaf" (The Malahat Review)
  • (Winner) Yasuko Thanh, "Floating Like the Dead" (Vancouver Review)

More about this anthology


  • Théodora Armstrong, “Whale Stories” (Event)
  • Mike Christie, “Goodbye Porkpie Hat” (subTerrain Magazine)
  • Anna Leventhal, “The Polar Bear at the Museum” (Geist)
  • Naomi K. Lewis, “The Guiding Light” (The Fiddlehead)
  • Oscar Martens, “Breaking on the Wheel” (Queen’s Quarterly)
  • Dana Mills, “Steaming for Godthab” (Geist)
  • (Winner) Saleema Nawaz, “My Three Girls”(Prairie Fire)
  • Scott Randall, “The Gifted Class” (The Dalhousie Review)
  • S. Kennedy Sobol, “Some Light Down” (Prism International)
  • Sarah Steinberg, “At Last at Sea” (This Magazine)
  • Clea Young, “Chaperone” (Grain Magazine)

More about this anthology

Andrew J. Borkowski, “Twelve Versions of Lech” (Grain Magazine)
Craig Boyko, “OZY” (PRISM international) (Winner)
Grant Buday, “The Curve of the Earth” (The Fiddlehead)
Nicole Dixon, “High-water Mark” (The New Quarterly)
Krista Foss, “Swimming in Zanzibar” (The Antigonish Review)
Pasha Malla, “Respite” (The Malahat Review)
Alice Petersen, “After Summer” (Geist)
Patricia Robertson, “My Hungarian Sister” (Maisonneuve Magazine)
Rebecca Rosenblum, “Chilly Girl” (Exile)
Nicholas Ruddock, “How Eunice Got Her Baby” (The Fiddlehead)
Jean Van Loon, “Stardust” (Queen’s Quarterly)

More about this anthology

Heather Birrell, “BriannaSusannaAlana” (The New Quarterly)(Winner)
Craig Boyko, “The Baby” (from Descant)
Craig Boyko, “The Beloved Departed” (Grain Magazine)
Nadia Bozak, “Heavy Metal Housekeeping” (subTerrain Magazine)
Lee Henderson, “Conjugation” (Border Crossings)
Melanie Little, “Wrestling” (PRISM international)
Matthew Rader, “The Lonesome Death of Joseph Fey” (Grain Magazine)
Scott Randall, “Law School” (The Dalhousie Review)
Sarah Selecky, “Throwing Cotton” (Prairie Fire)
Damian Tarnopolsky, “Sleepy” (Exile)
Martin West, “Cretacea” (PRISM international)
David Whitton, “The Eclipse” (Taddle Creek)
Clea Young, “Split” (The Malahat Review)

More about this anthology

Randy Boyagoda, "Rice and Curry Yacht Club" (Descant)
Krista Bridge, "A Matter of Firsts" (Descant)
Josh Byer, "Rats, Homosex, Saunas, and Simon" (Broken Pencil)
Craig Davidson, "Failure to Thrive" (subTerrain Magazine)
McKinley M. Hellenes, "Brighter Thread" (Kiss Machine)
Catherine Kidd, "Green-Eyed Beans" (Matrix Magazine)
Pasha Malla, "The Past Composed" (Grain)
Edward O'Connor, "Heard Melodies Are Sweet" (The Fiddlehead)
Barbara Romanik, "Seven Ways into Chandigarh" (The Malahat Review)
Sandra Sabatini, "The Dolphins at Sainte-Marie" (The New Quarterly)
Matt Shaw, "Matchbook for a Mother's Hair" (Exile) (Winner)
Richard Simas, "Anthropologies" (Grain)
Neil Smith, "Scrapbook" (Maisonneuve Magazine)
Emily White, "Various Metals" (The Fiddlehead)

More about this anthology

Anar Ali, "Baby Khaki's Wings" (filling Station)
Kenneth Bonert, "Packers and Movers" (Grain)
Jennifer Clouter, "Benny and the Jets" (TickleAce)
Daniel Griffin, "Mercedes Buyer's Guide" (The Dalhousie Review)
Michael Kissinger, "Invest in the North" (Prairie Fire)
Devin Krukoff, "The Last Spark" (Grain) (Winner)
Elaine McCluskey, "The Watermelon Social" (The Antigonish Review)
William Metcalfe, "Nice Big Car, Rap Music Coming Out the Window" (PRISM international)
Lesley Millard, "The Uses of the Neckerchief" (Prairie Fire)
Adam Lewis Schroeder, "Burning the Cattle at Both Ends" (This Magazine)
Michael V. Smith, "What We Wanted" (PRISM international)
Neil Smith, "Isolettes" (The Malahat Review)
Patricia Rose Young, "Up the Clyde on a Bike" (Room of One's Own)

More about this anthology

Rosaria Campbell, "Reaching" (The Fiddlehead)
Hilary Dean, "The Lemon Stories" (This Magazine)
Dawn Rae Downton, "Hansel and Gretel" (Grain)
Anne Fleming, "Gay Dwarves of America" (The New Quarterly)
Elyse Friedman, "Truth" (The Malahat Review)
Charlotte Gill, "Hush" (Grain)
Jessica Grant, "My Husband's Jump" (The Malahat Review) (Winner)
Jacqueline Honnet, "Conversion Classes" (filling Station)
S.K. Johannesen, "Resurrection" (Descant)
Avner Mandelman, "Cuckoo" (Parchment)
Tim Mitchell, "Night Finds Us" (Event)
Heather O'Neill, "The Difference Between Me and Goldstein" (Broken Pencil)

More about this anthology

Mike Barnes, "Cogagwee" (The New Quarterly)
Geoffrey Brown, "Listen" (Broken Pencil)
Jocelyn Brown, "Miss Canada" (This Magazine) (Winner)
Emma Donoghue, "What Remains" (Queen's Quarterly)
Jonathan Goldstein, "You Are A Spaceman With Your Head Under the Bathroom Stall Door" (Exile)
Robert McGill, "Confidence Men" (The Fiddlehead)
Robert McGill, "The Stars Are Falling" (Descant)
Nick Melling, "Philemon" (Claremont Review)
Robert Mullen, "Alex the God" (The Malahat Review)
Karen Munro, "The Pool" (Grain)
Leah Postman, "Being Famous" (The Malahat Review)
Neil Smith, "Green Fluorescent Protein" (Event)

More about this anthology

Kevin Armstrong, "The Cane Field" (Winner)
Mike Barnes, "Karaoke Mon Amour"
Heather Birrell, "Machaya"
Heather Birrell, "The Present Perfect"
Craig Boyko, "The Gun"
Vivette J. Kady, "Anything That Wiggles"
Billie Livingston, "You're Taking All the Fun Out of It"
Annabel Lyon, "Fishes"
Lisa Moore, "The Way the Light Is"
Heather O'Neill, "Little Suitcase"
Susan Rendell, "In the Chambers of the Sea"
Tim Rogers, "Watch"
Margrith Schraner, "Dream Dig"

JPA cover #12
Andrew Gray, "The Heart of the Land"
Lee Henderson, "Sheep Dub"
Jessica Johnson, "We Move Slowly"
John Lavery, "The Premier's New Pyjamas"
J.A. McCormack, "Hearsay"
Nancy Richler, "Your Mouth Is Lovely"
Andrew Smith, "Sightseeing"
Karen Solie, "Onion Calendar"
Timothy Taylor, "Doves of Townsend" (Winner)
Timothy Taylor, "Pope's Own"
Timothy Taylor, "Silent Cruise"
R.M. Vaughan, "Swan Street"

JPA cover #11
Mike Barnes, "In Florida"
Libby Creelman, "Sunken Island"
Mike Finigan, "Passion Sunday"
Jane Eaton Hamilton, "Territory"
Mark Anthony Jarman, "Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World"
Barbara Lambert, "Where the Bodies Are Kept"
Linda Little, "The Still"
Larry Lynch, "The Sitter"
Sandra Sabatini, "The One With the News"
Sharon Steams, "Brothers"
Mary Walters, "Show Jumping"
Alissa York, "The Back of the Bear's Mouth" (Winner)

JPA cover #10
John Brooke, "The Finer Points of Apples" (Winner)
Ian Colford, "The Reason for the Dream"
Libby Creelman, "Cruelty"
Michael Crummey, "Serendipity"
Stephen Guppy, "Downwind"
Jane Eaton Hamilton, "Graduation"
Elise Levine, "You Are You Because Your Little Dog Loves You"
Jean McNeil, "Bethlehem"
Liz Moore, "Eight-Day Clock"
Edward O'Connor, "The Beatrice of Victoria College"
Tim Rogers, "Scars and Other Presents"
Denise Ryan, "Marginals, Vivisections, and Dreams"
Madeleine Thien, "Simple Recipes"
Cheryl Tibbetts, "Flowers of Africville"

JPA cover #9
Brian Bartlett, "Thomas, Naked"
Dennis Bock, "Olympia"
Kristen den Hartog, "Wave"
Gabriella Goliger, "Maladies of the Inner Ear" (Co-winner)
Terry Griggs, "Momma Had a Baby"
Mark Anthony Jarman, "Righteous Speedboat"
Judith Kalman, "Not for Me a Crown of Thorns"
Andrew Mullins, "The World of Science"
Sasenarine Persaud, "Canada Geese and Apple Chatney"
Anne Simpson, "Dreaming Snow" (Co-winner)
Sarah Withrow, "Ollie"
Terence Young, "The Berlin Wall"

JPA cover #8
Rick Bowers, "Dental Bytes"
David Elias, "How I Crossed Over"
Elyse Gasco, "Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby?" (Winner)
Danuta Gleed, "Bones"
Elizabeth Hay, "The Friend"
Linda Holeman, "Turning the Worm"
Elaine Littman, "The Winner's Circle"
Murray Logan, "Steam"
Rick Maddocks, "Lessons from the Sputnik Diner"
K.D. Miller, "Egypt Land"
Gregor Robinson, "Monster Gaps"
Alma Subasic, "Dust"

JPA cover #7
Michelle Alfano, "Opera"
Mary Borsky, "Maps of the Known World"
Gabriella Goliger, "Song of Ascent"
Elizabeth Hay, "Hand Games"
Shaena Lambert, "The Falling Woman"
Elise Levine, "Boy"
Roger Burford Mason, "The Rat-Catcher's Kiss"
Antanas Sileika, "Going Native"
Kathryn Woodward, "Of Marranos and Gilded Angels" (Winner)

JPA cover #6
Anne Carson, "Water Margins: An Essay on Swimming by My Brother"
Richard Cumyn, "The Sound He Made"
Genni Gunn, "Versions"
Melissa Hardy, "Long Man the River" (Winner)
Robert Mullen, "Anomie"
Vivian Payne, "Free Falls"
Jim Reil, "Dry"
Robyn Sarah, "Accept My Story"
Joan Skogan, "Landfall"
Dorothy Speak, "Relatives in Florida"
Alison Wearing, "Notes from Under Water"

JPA cover #5
Caroline Adderson, "Oil and Dread"
David Bergen, "La Rue Prevette"
Marina Endicott, "With the Band"
Dayv James-French, "Cervine"
Michael Kenyon, "Durable Tumblers"
K.D. Miller, "A Litany in Time of Plague"
Robert Mullen, "Flotsam"
Gayla Reid, "Sister Doyle's Men" (Winner)
Oakland Ross, "Bang-bang"
Robert Sherrin, "Technical Battle for Trial Machine"
Carol Windley, "The Etruscans"

JPA cover #4
David Bergen, "The Bottom of the Glass"
Maria A. Billion, "No Miracles Sweet Jesus"
Judith Cowan, "By the Big River"
Steven Heighton, "A Man Away from Home Has No Neighbours"
Steven Heighton, "How Beautiful upon the Mountains"
L. Rex Kay, "Travelling"
Rozena Maart, "No Rosa, No District Six" (Winner)
Guy Malet De Carteret, "Rainy Day"
Carmelita McGrath, "Silence"
Michael Mirolla, "A Theory of Discontinuous Existence"
Diane Juttner Perreault, "Bella's Story"
Eden Robinson, "Traplines"

JPA cover #3
Donald Aker, "The Invitation"
Anton Baer, "Yukon"
Allan Barr, "A Visit from Lloyd"
David Bergen, "The Fall"
Rai Berzins, "Common Sense"
Diana Hartog, "Theories of Grief"
Diane Keating, "The Salem Letters"
Yann Martel, "The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios" (Winner)
Jennifer Mitton, "Polaroid"
Sheldon Oberman, "This Business with Elijah"
Lynn Podgurny, "Till Tomorrow, Maple Leaf Mills"
James Riseborough, "She Is Not His Mother"
Patricia Stone, "Living on the Lake"

JPA cover #2
André Alexis, "Despair: Five Stories of Ottawa"
Glen Allen, "The Hua Guofeng Memorial Warehouse"
Marusia Bociurkiw, "Mama, Donya"
Virgil Burnett, "Billfrith the Dreamer"
Margaret Dyment, "Sacred Trust"
Cynthia Flood, "My Father Took a Cake to France" (Winner)
Douglas Glover, "Story Carved in Stone"
Terry Griggs, "Man with the Axe"
Rick Hillis, "Limbo River"
Thomas King, "The Dog I Wish I Had, I Would Call It Helen"
K.D. Miller, "Sunrise Till Dark"
Jennifer Mitton, "Let Them Say"
Lawrence O'Toole, "Goin' to Town with Katie Ann"
Kenneth Radu, "A Change of Heart"
Jenifer Sutherland, "Table Talk"
Wayne Tefs, "Red Rock and After"

JPA cover #1
Ven Begamudré, "Word Games"
David Bergen, "Where You're From"
Lois Braun, "The Pumpkin-Eaters"
Constance Buchanan, "Man with Flying Genitals"
Ann Copeland, "Obedience"
Marion Douglas, "Flags"
Frances Itani, "An Evening in the Café"
Diane Keating, "The Crying Out"
Thomas King, "One Good Story, That One"
Holley Rubinsky, "Rapid Transits" (Winner)
Jean Rysstad, "Winter Baby"
Kevin Van Tighem, "Whoopers"
M.G. Vassanji, "In the Quiet of a Sunday Afternoon"
Bronwen Wallace, "Chicken 'N' Ribs"
Armin Wiebe, "Mouse Lake"
Budge Wilson, "Waiting"

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