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by David Davidar

By bestselling author David Davidar, Ithaca is a thrilling account of international publishing.
In the early years of the 21st Century, sweeping change is taking place in the publishing industry. Ill-equipped to handle the transformation of their world, a number of publishing houses struggle to survive – one of these is Litmus, an independent firm in the UK. The onus of ensuring that the company remains viable falls upon its publisher, Zachariah Thomas, who also edits its most successful author, Massimo Seppi. Seppi’s quartet of novels, featuring angels and archangels, has sold millions of copies worldwide. Unfortunately for Zach and for Litmus, Seppi dies unexpectedly.

By turns compelling and thought-provoking, this eagerly anticipated new novel by one of the industry’s foremost figures masterfully depicts the exhilarating and surprisingly turbulent world of book publishing.