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Discover the intriguing and diverse voices of Canada's emerging literary writers in this popular and nationally acclaimed annual anthology

"There's nothing else like it in Canada. . . . The Journey Prize anthology has become the proving ground for new, young Canadian writers, a who's who of the coming generation. . . . I, for one, owe everything to the Journey Prize." - Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi

The $10,000 Journey Prize, now known as The Writers' Trust of Canada/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize, is awarded annually to an emerging and developing writer of distinction for a short story published in a Canadian literary publication. This award is made possible by James A. Michener's generous donation of his Canadian royalties earnings from his novel Journey, published by McClelland & Stewart in 1988. The Journey Prize itself is the most significant monetary award given in Canada to a developing writer for a short story or excerpt from a fiction work-in-progress.

The winner of the Journey Prize is selected from among the stories that appear in the current volume of The Journey Prize Stories, published annually in the fall by McClelland & Stewart.

For over a decade The Journey Prize Stories has established itself as one of the most prestigious anthologies in the country, introducing readers to the finest emerging Canadian writers from coast to coast. It has become a who's who of up-and-coming writers, and many of the authors whose early work has appeared in the anthology have gone on to distinguish themselves with acclaimed collections of stories or novels, and have won many of Canada's most prestigious literary awards, including the Governor General's Award, the Trillium Award, the Chapters/Books in Canada First Novel Award, and The Giller Prize.

The anthology sets itself apart from others in that it comprises a selection of stories that editors of literary publications from across the country have chosen as what, in their view, is the most exciting writing in English that they have published in the previous year. In recognition of the vital role literary publications play in discovering and promoting new writers, McClelland & Stewart gives its own award of $2,000 to the literary publication that originally published and submitted the winning entry.

McClelland & Stewart acknowledges the continuing enthusiastic support of writers, literary publication editors, and the public in the common celebration of the emergence of new voices in Canadian fiction.

This year's anthology: #23

  • Jay Brown, “The Girl from the War” (Prairie Fire)
  • Michael Christie, “The Extra” (Vancouver Review)
  • Seyward Goodhand, “The Fur Trader’s Daughter
    (PRISM international)
  • (Winner) Miranda Hill, Petitions to Saint Chronic (The Dalhousie Review)
  • Fran Kimmel, “Laundry Day” (Room Magazine)
  • Ross Klatte, First-Calf Heifer
    (New Orphic Review)
  • Michelle Serwatuk, “My Eyes are Dim”
    (Room Magazine)
  • Jessica Westhead, “What I Would Say”
    (THIS Magazine)
  • Michelle Winters, “Toupée” (THIS Magazine)
  • D.W. Wilson, “The Dead Roads” (PRISM international)

More information on this year's anthology.

Authors whose work have appeared in The Journey Prize Stories include:

Caroline Adderson (volume 5)
André Alexis (volume 2), author of Childhood, Despair, and Asylum
David Bergen (volumes 1, 3, 4, and 5), author of The Case of Lena S. and The Time in Between
Dennis Bock (volume 9)
Randy Boyagoda (volume17)
Anne Carson (volume 6)
Michael Crummey (volume 10)
Kristen den Hartog (volume 9), author of Origin of Haloes
Craig Davidson (volume 17)
Elyse Gasco (volume 8), author of Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby?
Jonathan Goldstein (volume 14)

Jessica Grant (volume 15)
Terry Griggs (volumes 2 and 9)
Mark Anthony Jarman (volumes 9 and 11)
Jane Eaton Hamilton (volumes 10 and 11)
Elizabeth Hay (volumes 7 and 8), author of A Student of Weather, Small Change, Garbo Laughs, and Late Nights on Air
Steven Heighton (volume 4)
Frances Itani (volume 1)
Thomas King (volumes 1 and 2)
Elise Levine (volumes 7 and 10), author of Driving Men Mad and Requests and Dedications
Rick Maddocks (volume 8)
Yann Martel (volume 3)
Robert McGill (volume 14), author of The Mysteries
Lisa Moore (volume 13)
Heather O’Neill (volumes 13 and 15)
Nancy Richler (volume 12)
Eden Robinson (volume 4), author of Blood Sports
Holley Rubinsky (volume 1)
Antanas Sileika (volume 7)
Anne Simpson (volume 9), author of Light Falls Through You, Loop, Quick, and Falling
Neil Smith (volumes 14,16,and 17)
Karen Solie (volume 12)
Dorothy Speak (volume 6)
Timothy Taylor (volume 12)
Madeleine Thien (volume 10), author of Simple Recipes and Certainty
M. G. Vassanji (volume 1), author of Amriika, The Book of Secrets, and No New Land
Alison Wearing (volume 6)
Alissa York (volume 11)

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