Taste Buds and Molecules
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Taste Buds and Molecules
The Art and Science of Food With Wine
Written by Francois ChartierFrancois Chartier Author Alert
Category: Cooking - Wine & Spirits; Science - Molecular Biology
Format: Hardcover, 216 pages
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
ISBN: 978-0-7710-2253-1 (0-7710-2253-0)

Pub Date: September 28, 2010
Price: $39.99

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Taste Buds and Molecules
Written by Francois Chartier

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780771022531
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About this Book

What's the secret relationship between the strawberry and the pineapple? Between mint and Sauvignon Blanc? Thyme and lamb? Rosemary and Riesling?

In Taste Buds and Molecules, sommelier François Chartier, who has dedicated over twenty years of passionate research to the molecular relationships between wines and foods, reveals the fascinating answers to these questions and more. With an infectious enthusiasm, Chartier presents a revolutionary way of looking at food and wine, showing how to create perfect harmony between the two by pairing complementary (and often surprising) ingredients. The pages of this richly illustrated practical guide are brimming with photos, sketches, recipes from great chefs, and tips for creating everything from simple daily meals to tantalizing holiday feasts.

Wine amateurs and connoisseurs, budding cooks and professional chefs, and anyone who simply loves the pleasures of eating and drinking will be captivated and charmed by this journey into the hidden world of flavours.

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Review Quotes

"An essential work for all those who love wine and the pleasures of the table in general."
— Dr. Richard Béliveau, bestselling author of Foods that Fight Cancer

"Let yourself be swept up by this magnificent book. . . . [This is] the first step into a new world that is now open wide in all its splendour to those who love gastronomy."
— Juli Soler and Ferran Adrià, elBulli restaurant

"If Catalan superchef Ferran Adrià is the leading missionary of molecular gastronomy, Mr. Chartier is his counterpart with a corkscrew."
— Globe and Mail

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Juli Soler and Ferran Adrià, elBulli restaurant
Foreword by Dr. Richard Béliveau
Author Introduction


The Culinary Revolution

Unleashed by the principles of food harmony and molecular sommellerie

Food Harmony and Molecular Sommellerie

The genesis of a new harmonious science balancing cuisine, wine, and wine and food pairings


A trip into the universe of the “Best Restaurant in the World”

Aromas and Flavors

The fundamental importance of aromas in identifying and appreciating the taste of foods, wines, and beverages


Mint and Sauvignon Blanc

An open door into the world of anise-flavored foods and wines


The molecular chain linking vin jaune, curry, maple syrup, Sauternes, etc.

Fino and Oloroso

A veil of aromas with sherry wines

Oak and Barrels

Oak: The maestro of aromas and flavor enhancement


From the stockyard to the oven


Molecular family histories

Pineapple and Strawberries

A strange overlapping destiny


The spice of the barrel


A Southerner… with an Alsatian profile!


The Queen of Spices


A seducer with a great power of attraction

Maple Syrup

The aromatic sap stamped with a Quebec identity

Quebecois and Classic European Cheeses

Tracking down their aromas


A hot and sensual spice


The “fiery” molecule in chili peppers

A Taste of Cold

Apples and other foods with refreshing flavors

Experiments in Food Harmony and Molecular Sommellerie

A molecular tasting meal with two master chefs

Mini Glossary


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About this Author

FRANÇOIS CHARTIER is the only Canadian to be honoured with the prestigious Grand Prix Sopexa International as the world's best sommelier in French wines and spirits. He is the author of the bestselling À table avec François Chartier and publishes the annual guide La Sélection Chartier (in its 14th edition). He is currently conducting research on molecular harmonies and wine stewardship, a discipline that he originated. His pioneering work has led to collaborations with some of the world's greatest chefs, including the celebrated Ferran Adrià. In 2008, he recieved l'Ordre national du Québec, the highest distinction granted by the Quebec government.

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